Hello Everyone!

Hello! My name is Annabel, AKA BorderlineBella. Thank you so much for visiting my new blog. As my name suggests, I have Borderline Personality Disorder which will be the main focus of this blog. I hope to document my everyday experiences and coping mechanisms, and review the different forms of treatment I have embarked on.

The reason I have started a blog now is that I have experienced discrimination at Newcastle University, leading to my withdrawal and my new goal of raising awareness and reducing stigma for this diagnosis.

I enjoy meditation, smoothies, reading (Margaret Atwood is my favourite) and skiing. On an average day you could find me snuggled up on the sofa, drinking strong black coffee from my favourite Star Wars mug. Im incredibly introverted and dyslexic so I apologise in advance for any awkward and misspelt posts!

You might enjoy reading this blog if you or someone you love are new to the diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder, or if you are a veteran and also looking to reduce stigma! There will be a little bit for everyone.

IMG_1519I will begin with documenting my experience of discrimination at Newcastle University, keep you up to date with the complaint procedure, and the context around me feeling forced to withdraw from studying there. I feel that my story is one that needs to be heard, as in my experience there is an extreme lack of compassion for people with mental illness at university.

I am embarking on a new journey in my life, leaving university and trying to find my place in the world.Β I will try to keep it light hearted and fun, I hope you will come on the journey with me!

BorderlineBella xxx


21 thoughts on “Hello Everyone!

  1. Reblogged this on Lucky Otter's Haven and commented:
    It looks like we have a brand new blog about BPD on WordPress. I know how it feels to be a newbie and how over the moon I was when Opinionated Man helped me out the first week by reblogging an early post, and I’d like to pay it forward so I think I’ll do it with this blog.

    Bella, I hope this helps you get some followers. πŸ™‚ Good luck, blogging is an incredible journey in every way.

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  2. Hi, Bella. I’m a friend of Lucky Otter. I have a blog about Cluster B so I will link to yours and follow you as well. So far my posts have been more heavily weighted on psychopathy than the others so you will be helping me achieve a much needed balance.


  3. Hi Annabel, it’s a pleasure to meet you!! I came across your blog by another blogger and wanted to stop by to say hello and check out your site. While I do not have BPD I do have a disability and understand stigma and the need to build awareness to shift stereotypes so I look forward to reading your posts. Have a great day!! ~Steph

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    1. I already heard back about this, if you’re interested. Kevin from the Mental Health Writers Guild already looked at your blog, and posted this:
      Hi Lucky Otter,

      Many thanks for nominating Borderline Bella and her site/blog for membership, that was very kind of you.

      Unfortunately I am not able to progress her membership unless Bella contacts me and applies for membership. It would, I feel, be disrespectful for me to assign membership to Bella’s site without her knowledge and consent and I hope that you agree.

      That having been said, please be assured that I have visited Bella’s site – via the link you kindly provided – and would be more than happy to assign membership if Bella would like to contact me and apply.

      I do sincerely hope that you understand and I again apologise for not being able to respond to your request immediately or as you perhaps would have wanted.

      So, Bella, if your are interested just go here and tell Kevin in the comments you want to accept the award.


  4. You’re welcome. He said you have to apply. Just write a message saying you want your blog to be considered with the URL so he can find it. But he’s already looked at it and said he would accept you when you do apply.


      1. You too I ve literally sat here and read every word , I think you speaking out so openly and candidly is amazing and you are amazing too…my blog is a mixture of whatever random thing is going through my mind as you know a bpd mind is never quiet πŸ˜‰ it’s trying to have a life when you barely can function and one thing I ve learnt is although I’m the illness and the illness is me I must be stronger than I think as I’m still here. X You are too , we may be ill but we re fighters xxx

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  5. Accepted, however we love Lara and Chr;1tine&#82s7is style as well as many others! Sorry to hear you are sooooo annoyed. Maybe send us a pic of you and your original style.


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