My own ways


This post will be a little different from my main posts on BPD and coping mechanisms.

I arrived in Switzerland yesterday, visiting my mum. Skiing is a passion of mine, and I am determined to get better as the season moves on. I also feel that being so far away from everything, with such beautiful views and with adrenaline seeking activities occurring daily, it is so much easier to forget about the unimportant things and focus on your mental and physical health. I find that it is easier to put your problems into perspective when you’re in a place of beauty.

Ive been thinking a lot about what i want to do with my life since I’ve dropped out of Newcastle University, and I’m moving towards the idea of applying to join the police force. All I’ve ever wanted to do is be involved with a job that directly effects people and leaves room to build respect and I feel that being a police woman would satisfy these needs. I am yet to explore the rules of police and mental health but i am looking forward to asking my uncle and his girlfriend about this as they are both extremely happy working in the police force.

I have had a fabulous day skiing, and feel duly refreshed. I recommend anyone who is able to ‘escape’ to the alps as a form of therapy.

I originally wrote this random post after a few beers, unsurprisingly there were more than a few mistakes so I have just edited it now. All that has changed is that it now might make some sense and I am no longer calling my uncles girlfriend and my good friend a man (a mixture of wording ‘partner’ and ‘policemen’ insinuated that they were a gay male couple, unfortunately this is not the case, sorry!)

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