About my mission

Welcome to BorderlineBella!

Simply put, my mission is to raise awareness about borderline personality disorder and in particular my experiences at university.

I am going to be campaigning for raised awareness of BPD, and for mental illnesses in general. I have personally experienced stigma and discrimination, especially at university, and I will be using my experiences to start a discussion about how people with BPD are treated.

If you have any experiences you wish to share with me, I would be incredibly interested to hear your story. Please comment or email me, make sure to let me know whether I can post your story along with my own.

I will be writing an essay to summarise my experience, which I will post here first and then send to several companies to try get my story heard. I will also post my written complaint to Newcastle University here, and keep my progress with this case up to date. Finally, I will be writing to my MP Theresa May about the lack of provisions for mental health, and in particular the poor treatment many people in crisis experience when they visit an emergency department, and I urge you to contact your own MP about these issues.

Thank you for reading,

BorderlineBella xxx



One thought on “About my mission

  1. My situation is different, way at the other end of life, but I totally agree that mental differences need to be more out in the open and not seen an embarrassment. Good luck with everything you are doing.

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